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Specialty Venetian - External Venetian Blind

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Specialty Venetian Blinds

  • specialty venetian blinds
  • specialty venetian blinds
  • specialty venetian blinds
  • specialty venetian blinds


The ES Specialty Venetian Blinds are suitable for both internal and external applications, they maximise the use of natural light while reducing heat gain by up to 93%, reduces solar glare and air conditioning costs. The tilt option allows control over the balance of natural light & airflow, whilst the modern look & design compliments contemporary facades. The slats not only have a thin profile that delivers a small stack height but they are also made from 60% recycled aluminium, the blinds are manufactured from only the best components and to the highest of standards while remaining affordable. External Venetians blinds

Features & Benefits
  • Large range of Slats, pelmets and colours
  • High wind resistance through stainless steel guide cables
  • Sleek design that can be integrated into a build or retro-fitted
  • 100% Kevlar ladder braid
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • BMS & Home Automation Integration
  • Motorised
  • Single systems can span up to 4.5m and a 4.5m Drop


  • Wind & Movement Sensors
  • Sun Sensor
  • Automatic Timer
  • Solar Control System
  • Aluminium Pelmet

Perfect for:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Balconies
  • Openings
  • Commercial & Residential Facades
Fabrics & Frames


Slat Colours

The crowned aluminium slats of the specialty venetian blinds are made from a highly elastic alloy, making them flexible, scratch-proof and shock-proof. They are coated in Polyester 3 layer coil coating and double oven baked edge coating; available in 6 standard colours.


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