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Vertiroll - External Roller Blind

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The Issey Vertiroll Outdoor Blind is a tensioned screen which acts as an elegant sun shade, windbreak or internal partition. Protecting these semi-open spaces, the screen shelters the area from direct heat, glare and UV rays as well as wind and rain elements. Fitted with see-through fabric, it allows view and natural light to filter through while permitting air movement to prevent stagnant heat build-up. The robust system vertically protects large spans while retaining uninterrupted views and light. The Vertiroll can be supplied without a head box for recessed applications. The Loggia option allows for the system to be clip down in higher winds for stability.


Features & Benefits
  • Encloses open spaces, optimising your outdoor living and entertainment areas
  • Extremely versatile, acting as a sun shade, windbreak and rain barrier
  • See-through fabric allows for heat and glare protection with the enjoyment of the view
  • Tensioned screen minimises flapping of system in the wind
  • Loggia Clip option
  • Slimline, unobtrusive head box protects and prolongs the life of the system
  • Roller only option
  • Designed & Manufactured in Australia
  • BMS & Home Automation Integration
  • Motorised: Remote or Switch
  • Manual Crank Option
  • Acrylic & Screen Fabric Options
  • Standard Dulux & Interpon Powder Coated Frame Colours
  • Single systems can span up to 6m and 3.4 drop (drop dependent on width)


  • Wind & Movement Sensors
  • Sun Sensor
  • Timer
  • Loggia Clip Kit

Perfect for:

  • Large Windows & Doors
  • Verandas
  • Patios
  • Pergolas
  • Semi-Open Spaces
  • Internal Retractable Partition / Divider
Fabrics & Frames


soltis 86

Soltis 86

Soltis® 86 is the perfect textile choice for essential solar protection combined with openness to let in more light. The open weave also allows for better sight through the fabric. With a 14% openness, it is perfect for south-facing facades and conservatories needing greater amounts of light, while still cutting up to 86% of heat.

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soltis 92

Soltis 92

Soltis® 92 textiles have a micro-ventilation system that regulates the sun's heating effects. When they are placed on the outside of windows they absorb and reflect back up to 96% of the heat contained in the sun's rays, thereby eliminating the greenhouse effect. With a 8% openness, it is perfect for north & east facing applications.

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soltis 93

Soltis 93

Soltis® 93 textiles are available in roll-widths of 267 cm for use on very large panels. The micro-ventilation system naturally dissipates the residual heat toward the outside, allowing air to circulate, thereby considerably reducing the greenhouse effect. With a 7% openness, it is perfect for North & West facing application.

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soltis 96

Soltis 96

Soltis 96 provides excellent thermal and visual performance, controlling the heat gain impacts of solar radiation, whilst providing glare free outward visibility and enhancing occupant comfort levels. The tighter weave and 4% openness make it perfect for western windows and awning applications were a higher level of protection is needed.

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soltis w96

Soltis W96

Soltis W96 from Serge Ferrari is a superior solar protection waterproof fabric. The translucency level of the fabric creates a pleasant environment compared to conventional blockout fabrics, while the pattern creates an appealing visual aesthetic.

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Sunworker fabrics comes in 3m roll widths, allowing for large coverage without a join seam. SUNWORKER fabric improves the building’s energy footprint. It repels up to 95% of heat, dramatically reducing the need for air conditioning. With a 6% openness and visually pleasing look, it is perfect for most facades.

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dulux powder coating

Dulux Powder Coating

Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings is the largest powder supplier in Australia and New Zealand. As a pioneer in the powder coatings industry, they offer a wide range of stock powder coating colours and technologies

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