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Retractable Awnings

Conservatory Awnings

Our range of sophisticated, retractable conservatory awnings are the perfect solution for skylight & conservatories, pergolas or custom-built structures. The optional zip technology keeps the fabric taut and resistance to high winds and the tensioning systems ensure smooth operation. There are a range of variations for unique shapes and situations from small skylights to large custom structures.

One of the main causes of heat build-up in your home can be attributed to glass structures such as windows, conservatories or skylights. Conservatory awnings are a great way to reduce this impact by up to 80% before it penetrates the glass. Also, being retractable means you have the control so during those chilly winter months the system can retract away and allow the warmth of the sun to cascade in.

Some of our range come with accessories Inc. LED lighting, Retractable Front Valances & Heating options.

The gear operation can be motorised and linked with optional weather sensors & app control using Somfy automation

All our systems are installed in house with our own trained team of installers and come with a 5-year guarantee on manufacture and materials.

Below are the different styles of Retractable Conservatory Awnings Erebus Shading supply to the Sydney & Brisbane market.

ES Conservatory Awning

ES Zip

Max: 6m x 5m

Perfect for: Patios, Decks, Courtyards, Conservatories, Pergolas, Skylights, & Sunrooms

WGM Top Conservatory Awning

WGM Top Conservatory Awning

Max: 6.5m x 5m / 6m x 6m

Perfect for: Conservatories, Pergolas, Skylights, & Sunrooms

Fabric Tension System

Fabric Tension System

Max: 5m x 12m

Perfect for: Curved & Pitched Structures, Large Openings, & Pergolas