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Conservatory Awnings

With the FTS ( Fabric Tension System ) you can feature a pitched, barrel-vaulted or flat design for domestic skylights, shopping centres and outdoor structures. The innovative dual motor system has a mechanical motor drive at either end, which maintains tension on the fabric even when extending or retracting. This gives stability to the fabric, even in higher wind areas.

The system also allows for multiple configurations to cover large areas with its constantly tensioned fabric, which enhances its wind resistance and elegant looks.

Fabric Tension System
FTS conservatory
FTS conservatory erebus shading
Fabric Tension conservatory awnings


Features & Benefits

  • Dual motor system keeps the fabric continuously taut
  • Covers a variety of shapes for versatile use
  • Suitable for Windy Areas
  • Compact, unobtrusive head boxes
  • Designed in Europe & Manufactured in Australia
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • BMS & home automation integration
  • 100+ standard frame colours & 100+ acrylic fabric colours
  • Single systems span 6m & extend up to 5m


  • Wind sensors
  • Sun & Rain sensor
  • Remote or switch motorisation
  • Directional heat
  • Slim line design
  • Remote control
  • Wall or ceiling mounting
  • Tüv tested