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Benefits of External Lighting

When most people think of outdoor lighting, they lean to the most obvious choice: A garden or landscape. However, with alfresco areas becoming the norm nowadays, outdoor lighting has become more than merely lighting a path and more about aesthetics as well as functionality. At Erebus Shading we provide lighting options on our external awnings, retractable roof pergolas, and louvred roof systems offering sound knowledge on how well it can complement these items for your home delivering the perfect ambiance for a social gathering or just a simple family dinner.

You want to be able to use your outdoor space in any season! Which is why Weinor has developed intelligent lighting accessories for retractable awnings so that you can make your time on the balcony or patio even more pleasant. Our Weinor range of retractable awnings come with optional LED spotlights either set into the cassette or in a separate light bar.

Smart and intuitive lighting accessories for our louvred and retractable roof systems are developed and made with high end craftmanship in Europe just like our sun and rain protection products. Strict controls ensure the high quality for the Opera & Vision Louvred Systems which come with optional perimeter LED RGB lighting and spotlights fitted into the louvre blade.

All our products are perfectly coordinated with each other in terms of appearance and technology to ensure that special touch is achieved in your outdoor space. The Nomo & Rialto Retractable Pergola Systems come with optional LED RGB lighting in the perimeter frame as well as the aluminium rails to create an attractive atmosphere while allowing your outdoor area to be used for much longer.

Retractable Awnings

The following LED lighting options adds the right atmosphere to any outdoor area: LED Spotlights and LED RGB Strip.

led spotlighting opera es led spotlighting led spotlighting strip lighting opera strip lighting nomo
led spotlight

LED Spotlights

LED lighting is the best lighting choice as they set the mood and are cost effective. Light bars are available for a timeless elegant design that radiates a pleasant warm white glow which can be dimmed using Weinor remote-control technology.

led strip lighting


The new LED bar from Weinor provides coloured lighting and great light effects for a unique mood in your outdoor space and can be installed really quickly with ease and even retrofitted anywhere protected from the weather.