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Plaza Viva

Patio Awnings

The Plaza Viva Patio Awning comes with outstanding wind stability and a very taut fabric. With its sturdily constructed posts, this unit can be installed on challenging wall facades and shade large surfaces. When inclined to at least 14°, the textile patio roof can remain open in light rain. The Plaza Viva sunset version with fully-automatic fabric pitch blocks out low-lying sun. Due to the Plaza Viva Patio Roofs outstanding stability and wind resistance it is a great alternative to a Folding Arm Awning in a more exposed situation.

Plaza Viva Patio Awning
Plaza Viva
Plaza Viva awning
Plaza Viva erebus shading
Plaza Viva patios


Features & Benefits

  • Optistretch version locks the fabric on 4 sides
  • Suitable for windy areas
  • Optional valance plus
  • Optional telescopic post for less pitch in rain
  • Compensation joint & floating bearing to reduce load on construction
  • Designed & Manufactured in Germany
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • BMS & home automation integration
  • Quiet & durable operation
  • 56 standard frame & 100+ acrylic fabric colours
  • Single systems span 6m & extend up to 5m


  • Wind sensors
  • Sun & Rain sensor
  • Remote or switch motorisation
  • 1500-watt capacity
  • Instant heat
  • Remote control
  • Splash protection
  • Tüv tested
LED Lighting
  • 30,000 hours
  • Low energy
  • Light Bar
  • Lights fixed even when retracted


optional telescopic post
Optional Telescopic Post
optistretch fabric system
Optistretch Fabric System
stretch fabric system
Stretch Fabric System
side retention system
Side Retention System
roller patio
Optional Roller Patio