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waterloo apartments
  • product

    ES Retractable Roof System - Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Fire Resistant

  • dimensions

    ES Retractable Roof Systems (x6) - Maximum width 4000mm - Maximum depth: 4000mm

  • colours

    Frame Colour: Monument

    Fabric Colour: White

  • designed for

    ES Retractable Roof: sun, high wind, & rain

Waterloo Apartments


This trendy apartment precinct in Waterloo has been developed in stages over the past 8 years.

Not all buildings are the same, so there were different challenges depending on the apartment location, style and orientation.

Given most of the apartments are west & north facing, so heat build up in the apartments was a major issue, Erebus proposed the ES Vertical Screen with a 96% block out fabric. Given most of the blinds are mounted to the edge of the balcony, and higher than 4 stories, this robust and heavy-duty screen was perfect for the job.

The fact the screen could be used in a variety of situations, meant there was continuity to all the apartment with the product chosen.

Erebus continues to supply external shading to the apartments, and recently also installed some ES Zip Awnings to the shared BBQ areas.

open retractable roof es retractable vaucluse frame
es residential retractable roof

ES Retractable Roof

Erebus Shading offers a range of retractable roof systems and pergolas to ensure you achieve total relaxation in your outdoor area. Take a look at our page for the Retractable Roof Systems.